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Update your faucet

There are all types of styles and brands of faucets available on the market today. While it may be easy buying one, installing it is a whole new game. You can have your faucet professionally installed by Miner Plumbing.

End the drip for good

That slow drip you hear coming from your faucet is just money flowing down the drain. Although it can sound pretty annoying, the worst part is when you receive your sky-high water bill.


Miner Plumbing can help minimize your water bill and end that pesky leak for good so you can enjoy a normal faucet again.

What you gain from Miner

Whatever you need when it comes to plumbing service, Miner Plumbing is there to guide you and help you through the process.

 •  Over 45 years of experience

 •  100% satisfaction guarantee

 •  1 year guarantee

 •  Quick service

 •  Personalized service

Full plumbing services

 •  Faucet installation

 •  Help choosing a faucet that fits

 •  Top brands available to purchase

 •  New piping

 •  Leak repairs

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